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Re-melt products

The combined DUBAL-EMAL portfolio comprises high quality aluminium products in three main categories: high purity and foundry re-melt products (for electronics and aerospace and automotive applications respectively); rolled products (for packaging, lithographic sheets and the automotive industry); and billets for extrusion and forging (for construction, industrial, transportation and automotive purposes).

Re-melt purity products

On average, pure and high purity ingots – cast as sow and standard ingots – account for about 15 per cent of EGA’s total annual production output. Superior processing and performance standards ensure that purity levels of up to 99.96 per cent are maintained and that customers’ exacting expectations are constantly met. Utilised in electronic and aerospace applications, where top quality high purity aluminium is critical to the successful manufacture of precision instruments, EGA’s high purity aluminium products are used in the manufacture of compact discs, computer hard drive memory disks, capacitors and other electronic components. They are also used in the manufacture of high reflectance, high performance alloys and cathodic protection.

Ranging from 99.84% to 99.96% aluminium content.

Specification can be customized to AA registered P1020, P0507A, P0303A, P0404A, P0304A, P0202A, P0102.

Re-melt foundry products

EGA is one of the largest and leading suppliers of foundry alloys to automotive manufacturers, where they are used in the manufacture of wheel rims, sub-frames, and suspension parts, cross members, engine blocks and engine cradles, among various other applications.

Consistency of product quality and high metal purity ensure the continuous demand for and success of EGA’s foundry products, which make up 27 per cent of the company’s total production output.


A356.2, AlSi7Mg, AlSi9Mg, AlSi10Mg, AlSi11Mg, AlSiMgCu, Silafont 36 (available in both Sr modified and unmodified).


Packed in bundles for convenient fork-lift handling.